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Delightful Shopping | Circle

Round-shaped items made in Portugal, Poland and Colombia. To use, offer or share.


The Black and Blue sombrero vueltiao is a craftmanship of great quality and finesse that fits for any occasion. Every aspect of the manufacturing process, from growing the fibre to weaving the hats, is done by Zenu Indian artisans on their reservation in Cordoba State, Colombia. The quality standard of a Sombrero Vueltiao depends on the number of pairs of caña flecha fiber strands used to make the braids that comprise it. This particular one is called a ventiuno, which means it is made of woven with 21 pairs of strips, making it very resistant and highly flexible. As a matter of fact, it is so supple it can be folded compactly, carried in a pocket, and readily unfolded.


Founded in 2010 by Nuno Henriques, who has experimented and developed an increasing interest for handwork, Toino Abel is a collective of intergenerational artisans that share a common love for craft and nature. The company takes a modern approach to a Portuguese tradition that has been lost almost completely: the reed basket making. Combining design, quality and functionality, the collection of straw handbags is made to last and meant to be timeless. Sustainability is one of the project’s pillars: materials are grown without the use of any herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers or pollutants. The crafters only use vegetable tanned leather and ecological certified cotton.


Fonica is a nostalgia-inducing name in Poland, since most audio equipment from the 60s and 70s was produced under that name. After its demise in the nineties, the brand was brought back to life in 2012 by a company from Łódź. Shaped like a treble clef, made from granite or plated with gold, the high-end Fonica turntables are individually handmade in a small workshop to cater to the highest standards of execution. The result: notable turntables with timeless design and spectacular sound.


Born in the town of Boleslawiec, the tradition of pottery dates back to the 14th century. Polish Pottery is hand-crafted and hand-painted stoneware with sponges and brushes by highly-skilled artisans.
Several years ago, amazed by its unique patterns and exquisite designs in the local pottery festival, the founders of the Polish Pottery Shop started this project moved by their deep love and passion for tradition. It offers thousands of stunning items online from more than a dozen artists. They range from home décor to plates and platters.


In numerous ethnic groups in the Colombian jungle, wooden benches are a symbol of wisdom and authority for the Yagé shamans, known as “Taitas” (a Quechua word that means “Father”, “Guide” or “Spiritual Guide”).
Carved in a single piece of wood by indigenous people from the Valle del Sibundoy, in Southern Colombia, they provide an appropriate space for shamans or spiritual guides to sit and think, sing and heal. The paintings in the saddle resemble the ones in Kamentzá indigenours community’s typical fabrics. This item is part of the huge collection of Artesanías de Colombia, which promotes Colombian handicrafts to propel the commercialization of such products, both internally and abroad.


A product designed for vinyl devotees. Airborne Vinyl’s mat is made of Portuguese 100 % natural cork and recycled rubber, improving sound quality due to its ability to absorb unwanted vibrations and resonances. In addition to these technical advantages, cork also delivers a more sophisticated and original appearance to the turntable. The result is a perfect combination between the vinyl record and turntable platter. The brand is part of a project based in Oporto which aims at providing a sound experience with high quality audio equipment at competitive prices.


Founded in 2011 in Portugal, MUD Cycles started as a small company dedicated to the restoration of vintage bikes and quickly evolved to something really different: the creation of a two-wheeled vehicle that would become an object of desire. Every item MUD makes is handcrafted with expertise and passion, in an attempt to deliver a unique design and offer comfort and functionality. All the components used on the bicycles are top graded. To achieve this result, the prototype was submitted to the most extreme tests to ensure its integrity and safety.