Training Deep Learning in Poland

Training Deep Learning in Poland

In July, two summer schools will update students and entrepreneurs about the most recent advances in deep learning.

3d illustration of robotic human head with graphic element face represent artificial intelligence and machine learning concept

Two international summer schools of deep learning will take place in Poland in July. The first one, from 1st to 5th, is at the city of Gdansk and the second one is scheduled to happen by the end of the month, from 22nd to 26th, in the Polish capital, Warsaw. Update participants about the most recent advances in the critical and fast developing area of deep learning is the main goal of these two training events.

Deep learning is a branch of artificial intelligence covering a spectrum of current exciting machine learning research and industrial innovation that provides more efficient algorithms to deal with large-scale data in neurosciences, computer vision, speech recognition, language processing, human-computer interaction, drug discovery, biomedical informatics, healthcare, recommender systems, learning theory, robotics or games. Renowned academics and industry pioneers will lecture and share their views with the audience. These two summer schools are addressed not only to master’s students, PhD students, and postdocs, but also industry practitioners and entrepreneurs.

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