Delightful Shopping | Age

Delightful Shopping | Age

Here you can find a selection of delightful products from Poland, Portugal and Colombia.


Bottle of Dona Antonia Reserva

The Ferreira Dona Antónia Reserva Tawny has a lush red colour, an intense and rich aroma, and hints of very ripe fruit (plum, apricot and marmalade). Combined with its spicy and nutty notes, as a result of ageing in oak barrels, through oxidation, it’s no wonder this Porto Wine is considered a very versatile and elegant wine, and yet has a persistent finish. It has won gold in the special summer edition of Germany’s biggest wine competition, Mundus Vini Summer Tasting, in 2016, and silver in the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – one of the largest and most prestigious wine competitions in the world –, in the same


Herse Scarf

Many years ago, the Bogusław Herse fashion house, based in Warsaw, was set up for the richest and most famous Polish women, offering top quality leathers, silk and lace. Nowadays, Herse is going back to its roots, which date back more than a century, offering its customers the best quality silk scarves and shawls. Made from exquisite fabric, the quality of the cut and elegance of the timeless designs are characteristic of its quintessence, reminding us of the era of the silent films, taxi-cabs and cabarets. Although silk scarves are a contemporary item, there is a spirit of tradition that is instilled in them through complexity, an eye for detail and impeccability. They are de rigueur in any wardrobe.


Bottle of Rum La Hechichera

Created from a blend of mature rums, aged in white oak barrels for between 12 and 21 years, in the coastal city of Barranquilla, in Colombia, La Hechicera rum has an intense scent of South American coffee, tobacco and vanilla, and of its landscapes. It is produced by Casa Santana Ron Y Licores, the only privatelyowned distillery in the country, run by the Riascos Family, who has been in the rum business for more than two decades. In 2013, the British edition of GQ Magazine featured La Hechicera in its “100 best things in the world right now”. Created by a ‘Maestro Ronero’ (Master Rum-maker) – whose name is Giraldo Mituoka Kanaga – a Colombian, son of Japanese immigrants, who started his career cutting sugar cane for the Cuban revolution – La Hechicera is described as a purist rum with a classic profile, which preserves the characteristics of the wood in which it was aged over decades.


Luxury Thermal Soap "Muza"

Registered in 1885 under the name “Muza”, this is the first luxury Portuguese cosmetics brand, now reissued under the name “Muzas de Canavezes”. Muzas de Canavezes hand-made soaps are produced using the thermal waters of Caldas de Canaveses – which have therapeutic properties and were discovered by the Romans in the year 110 of the Common Era. Located close to Porto – and using essential oils and olive oil, the soaps have transformed over time into a truly timeless luxury product. The current packaging of the soaps is handcrafted, evoking and perpetuating the History of Caldas de Canaveses.


Jam Kielman Shoes

French Statesman Charles de Gaulle was once a customer of one of the most famous shoe-makers in Warsaw, Jan Kielman, whose business has been passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, celebrities such as Sophie Marceau and Donald Sutherland are the ones who are fascinated by Kielman’s designs, ordering multiple pairs. The company dates back to the time of the Russian occupation, and is not only still operating, but couldn’t be more successful. Using raw materials such as ostrich, shark or eel skin, Kielman shoes promise to outlive their owners, as they are made from the best hides, using traditional methods, which means going through various processes lasting several months. This results in handmade, bespoke shoes, where each pair is truly exceptional, surprising the most discerning customers.


Pencil Stenced

It is the only artisanal pencil factory in the Iberian Peninsula and was founded in 1907, in Vila do Conde, with the name “Faria, Cacheux & Ca”, also known as Portugália. In 1936, it was acquired by Manoel Vieira Araújo, an industrialist with wide experience in the millinery business and a leading figure in São João da Madeira, and would re-emerge in that city, as Viarco. It has remained a family business until today, having passed to the 4th generation of the family in 2011. Recently, the Portuguese factory decided to create a special scented collection, which recreates the flower beds and backyards of this garden by the sea called Portugal. The collection includes a pencil scented with Fig-tree essence, which provides us with the unique olfactory experience of feeling the smell of a fig-tree orchard while we are writing or drawing.


Paipa Cheese

Paipa cheese is considered the best semi-ripe cheese from Colombia, and the only one with protected designation of origin. For over 100 years, this product, a true symbol of the Colombian Department of Boyacá, has been produced in Paipa and Sotaquirá – weather conditions contribute to the quality of the milk and milk derivatives – and it is a type of cheese that has been made in Colombia since the 19th century. The “queso Paipa” is a unique Colombian cheese that is, in fact, aged, resting for 32 days in a cellar – although there are experiments with the ageing time which can reach up to 4 years. The increased demand for this cheese has led to the creation of several small artisanal factories which, in turn, started an economic expansion based entirely on this cheese.