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Delightful Shopping | Hot

Take a look at our shopping suggestions of selected products from Poland, Portugal and Colombia.



Created in the late 19th century, the famous coloured glasses popularly known as “biquinhos” started to be produced in series in the 40s by the centenary IVIMA – Fábrica de Vidros da Marinha Grande. They reached their peak twenty years later when they started to be produced also by the company Depósito da Marinha Grande. After all these decades, they are still the most traditional and emblematic model of the company, whose head office is in Lisbon and that currently produces them in eleven different colours.



WOOL has been connected with the Polish textile production for ages. This raw material is the basis of the activities of Alwero brand, specialising in sewing clothes and accessories. The headquarters of the company are located in Bielsko-Biała – a town associated with the Polish wool industry for years. The secret of the quality and success of the brand is embedded in two major components: wool sourced from sheep raised in the surrounding mountains and clean water from the Biała River. Alwero fur knitwear, with fleece coat, a relatively rare material on the market, has been the traditional specialty of this family business. In the beginning the company made typically traditional clothes inspired by the highlanders’ style. Over the years, modernity and design have been playing an ever more important role.



Aguila beer is a mandatory presence in Colombia’s hottest folk celebration: the Barranquilla Carnival. It was in 1913 that the son of a Jewish immigrant – Ernesto Cortissoz – together with Ricardo Correa and the industrial Alberto Osorio, founded the Barranquilla Brewery, and launched Cerveza Aguila. Later, the company was sold and merged with Bavaria, the biggest brewery company in Colombia. Cerveza Aguila is known as one of the most successful products in the Colombian history, symbolizing the joy of festivity and carnival.



It was 1851 when a young confectioner, Karol Ernest Wedel, came from Berlin to Warsaw and opened a small store at Miodowa Street. Over forty years later a son of this famous confectioner, Emil Wedel, relocated the store and factory to a newly constructed tenement house at Szpitalna Street. The most famous hot chocolate coffee shop in Poland is still located there, tempting passers-by with sweet aroma of cocoa, caramel and coffee. Today these hot chocolate coffee shops can also be found in other Polish. The offer is prepared with utmost care by the Chocolate Master, Janusz Profus, who believes that chocolate is more than just flavour. The menu of E. Wedel Hot Chocolate Cafe has also delicious desserts, ice-creams and hand-made pralines, which can become an excellent souvenir from a trip to Poland. Still the greatest treat will be the original, and unique on global scale, Ptasie Mleczko – Chocolate Covered Marshmallows – which the E. Wedel brand has been producing since the 1930s.



Having a hot cup of a well-balanced Colombian Coffee is just like tasting a Colombian icon. In 1960 the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation designed a brand to differentiate the true Colombian coffee: Juan Valdez. This brand was created to share with the world the hard work and craftsmanship needed to produce a superior coffee, representing more than 500,000 coffee growers and small Colombian producers that depend on coffee to make a living. Juan Valdez products are currently sold in their own stores in Colombia, USA, Spain, Chile and Ecuador. They can also be found in grocery stores and in handpicked restaurants and hotels.



It all started in 2010 in an abandoned room of the old Império Wool Factory, located in the Serra da Estrela mountain range, north of Portugal. The owners of a local hotel decided to invest in the traditional fabric of the wool industry – burel – and reinvented its value, combining the art and know-how of the village weavers with modern design, to create original works with a contemporary trait. The material, that was originally used to make capes and coats for local shepherds, can now be seen in carpets, pillows, bed spreads, benches, inner wall linings, backpacks, bags. The tight, water-repellent, fire-retardant and flexible fabric is both versatile and comfortable and can be combined with a broad assortment of textures, patterns and colors. The products are available directly at the fabric or in two dedicated shops, in Lisbon and Oporto.



The extremely crispy crust holds the decadent, creamy, buttery filling, and the combination couldn’t be more heavenly. Prepared and sold, since 1837, at just a single site in Belém, by Lisbon’s riverside, the journey towards this pastry paradise is akin to a pilgrimage, as attested by the intense demand and the ecstatic clients. There you will find, right out of the oven, the coveted custard pie whose closely guarded secret comes from an ancient recipe of Jerónimos Monastery and whose traditional methods of baking are still followed today.