Delightful Shopping | Life

Delightful Shopping | Life

Life is a feast of (and for) senses. Here is a selection of delightful products to feel, savour and enjoy.


alguidar, a peace of Bisarro atelier

Named Alguidar (meaning basin), this decorative pottery by Bisarro is inspired by the traditional pots for cooking rice in the wood oven. Its simple lines make it an elegant and at the same time elemental piece. Alguidar is made from an ancestral firing process called “soenga”, according to the secular tradition of Bisalhães, a village eight kilometres from Vila Real, an inland city in northern Portugal. It consists in opening a wood-fired pit in the ground, with a reduction fired at 1,000°C which gives the item its black colour and some unique patterns from the wood firing. As a result, vases may vary slightly in shape and colour.


waxes by malu

Waxes by Malu are organic, reusable food packaging made of cotton which were designed to replace food foil, aluminium foil or disposable plastic containers. The cloths are soaked with a special mixture based on purified beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil. This gives the material antibacterial properties that result in longer freshness of stored food. These wraps are ideal for storing bread, snacks, vegetables, fruit or cheese. They can also be used to cover a cup or a bowl. Under the hand heat and pressure, they will take the shape of the object and stick together. After each use, the wax can be washed in cold or lukewarm water, left to dry, folded and stored until next use.


Working with indigenous communities and combining their ancestral techniques, Colombian brand MÂKUA makes gold-plated jewellery and accessories based on traditional motifs. The creations are inspired by the exuberance of the jungle and the innumerable species that inhabit it, as well as by the country’s landscapes. One of the pieces that best illustrate these roots is the Jaguar from the Jungle necklace. The item is made with crystal beads by Embera Chami indigenous women and is a handmade metal piece in gold-plated brass 24 Karats.


The most exciting of the entire range of Beesweet nectars, Beelove Drop N. 66 is irreverent and unique, with its intense notes of jungle fruits, coffee and cherry, and its chocolate colour. Obtained through artisanal processes, it preserves all the characteristics of 100 % natural food. Ideal to accompany soft cheeses or crepes, it can also be used in meat sauces or as a topping to sweet desserts. Or even simply enjoyed raw. Beesweet was born from the dream of two cousins of placing innovative products on the market based on honey. Their legacy provided them with the essential tools, as well as some tips and homemade recipes of flavoured nectar.


Frant's bottle

Distilled entirely from wildflower honey collected from the pristine Warmian-Masurian fields, Frant Wildflower is a refreshing, quirky take on the world of Polish vodkas. During its laborious production process, which involves local distillers and regional ingredients, sugar is fermented into alcohol, then revealing the inherent taste of honey – full and complex, not sweet. When it comes to tasting notes, one can also decode lavender and anise. But it all starts with smell: the nose leads with vanilla, camomile and ripe lemon aromas. Available at the finest Wine & Spirits stores, and high-end restaurants in Poland, Frant Wildflower is best served on its own, sipped with a meal or mixed with acidic ingredients.


Fruto de Cacao's truffles with flower petals

In a land of cocoa and flowers, it is no wonder that both come together to delight one’s senses. Artisanal chocolate and confectionery company Fruto de Cacao, in Bogotá, works with 100 % Colombian cocoa, planted by farmers in the Putumayo and Meta departments, to generate surprising flavours and combinations. Decorated with edible flowers, this box of 15 assorted truffles is definitely a musttaste. It consists of bitter and semi bitter chocolate filled with creamy flavours. On top, pansies, rose petals, centaurea petals and star flowers, add colour and freshness to the truffles.


A tribute to one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century, this porcelain set by Vista Alegre portrays the poet and his three most relevant heteronyms. Designed by Catarina Pestana and shaped by Carvalho Araújo, the set comprises four coffee cups and saucers in an invitation to experience their disparate ways of living and looking at the world. To sit and “to be” peacefully in nature with Alberto Caeiro, the Master, “to live” in rationality with Ricardo Reis, the Doctor. And “to feel” in a frantic, revolutionary manner with Álvaro de Campos, the Futurist. Founded in 1824, Vista Alegre is a recognised high-quality porcelain manufacturer located in Ílhavo, in central Portugal. The brand has always been intimately associated with Portuguese history and culture, being this tribute to Fernando Pessoa a good example of that affiliation.