Light Move Festival returns to Łódź in September

Light Move Festival returns to Łódź in September

A wonderful show of light illuminations, installations, kinetic art and 3D mapping lights up the Polish city in a magical way.

Colourful lights on building

The greatest festival of lights in Poland is coming. From 28th to 30th September, the Festival of Kinetic Art of Light – Light Move Festival will offer the city dwellers and tourists an unusual visual spectacle, combining light, colour, sound and stateof-the-art green technologies to empower unique creations.

Every year, during three evenings, large format projections, videomappings, artistic illuminations, and numerous light installations spread all over Łódź, along a 15-kilometre route, presenting its eclectic buildings, streets, courtyards and forgotten corners in a magical way, amazing viewers with a shine show, hidden in the day light. The festival is a fusion of the historical identity of Poland’s third largest city and visual arts. The main theme of the 8th edition’s works is “100 years of Independence – In celebration of Joy”. The projects will be based on motives such as: freedom, future, diversity, human rights.