Delightful Shopping | Pulse

Delightful Shopping | Pulse

From Poland, Portugal and Colombia, here are represented some innovative and top quality products accessible for purchase.


At the end of 1930, two Portuguese merchants – Mr.  Rodrigues and António Teixeira, went to IWC’s head office in Shaffhausen, in Switzerland. The International Watch Company, renowned at that time as an expert in manufacturing pocket watches, received an unusual request from the visitors: to create a wristwatch with the precision of a maritime chronometer. The “Portugieser” emerged as a completely different watch from the style of the era, with a larger diameter than the emblematic models and not many were sold. Nevertheless, it was that difference that led the company’s team to re-launch the model at the beginning of the 1990s, making it the forerunner of a new trend that still persists. Nowadays it is one of IWC’s most emblematic watches and a pinnacle of Fine Watchmaking. In 2010,  IWC introduced the “Portugieser Grande Complication and Minute Repeater” with fine watchmaking functions, including a perpetual calendar until 2499. On the back, a sextant marks the history of the “Portugieser”, a large wristwatch with the precision of a Maritime Chronometer.



The Tiple is a Colombian string instrument declared as National Cultural Heritage by the Congress for its immense value for the local folklore. It is a small guitar, about three-quarters the size of a classical guitar and descended from guitars brought by the Spanish during the conquest of America. It is an essential part of Colombia’s rural heritage because of its cheerful tunes that evocate the peasant culture. Since 1940 in the municipality of Velez, Santander every August took place “The Tiple and Guabina Festival”, where is celebrated the musical genre played with the Tiple. 



Dating back more than 2,000 years, the art of cowbells manufacturing in Portugal earned the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding, awarded in December 2015 by UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The handmade manufacture of cowbells, metal instruments that produce a characteristic sound and whose function is to help locate livestock in pastures, attains its highest expression nationwide in the Alentejo region, in the municipalities of Estremoz, Reguengos de Monsaraz and Viana do Alentejo.


Considered the most renowned surfboard brand in the country, Polen Surfboards was founded in 1988 with the aim of creating the best surfboards in Europe. Focused on innovation and improvement, Polen, which has Nuno Cardoso as a resident shaper, manufactures boards for both professionals and amateurs. One of the brand’s most recent models is the Harpy Eagle, a board used by former World Surf League surfer Pedro Henrique, who actually helped to develop it. Combining speed and stability, it’s perfect for those who like to risk extreme manoeuvres and set their pulses racing. And in Portugal there is no shortage of waves for that.



They can conjure up a storm, the delicate humming of trees or even a heartbeat – the instruments we speak of are drums, specifically those made by one of the most famous beat-producing Polish brands, Pablo Music. For over 20 years they have produced djembe and conga drums, while recently introducing dun duns and kalimbas into their offer. Their products are made of top quality materials and attention to detail, providing a warm and soft sound – that will certainly delight all.


This thoroughly unique brand positions itself in the Polish market as a combination of innovative sports clothing that support the burning of fat tissues during workout, as well as fashionable design and femininity. The real distinguishing factor is the ITOFINISH KELP system, which originates from a natural product, containing gingko, sea algae and gotu kola, among other components. This “clothing elixir” is enclosed in microcapsules that are then released into the skin during motion for superior comfort during exercise. The Autumn collection, named Majesty, was inspired by butterflies as symbols of beauty, force and power.



Houd is a brand that was born of the collaboration between David Sandoval and Gustavo Huertas. In 2012 they began working on ideas for design home speakers and other accessories, analyzing the market and defining concepts. Their approach is concerned with creating poetic objects that tell something to those who observe them, creating something special with their designs so as to make every room and environment an enjoyable place to be. Their production is focused on speakers with beautiful design and quality materials. The Houd acoustic speaker is basically a wooden dock that amplifies your device’s tiny internal speaker and the amplification effect is amazing. These acoustic wood speaker works by channeling the sound from an iPhone or iPad’s built-in speaker through resonant wood channels to create a naturally amplified sound. Made with the best wood by hand, one at a time, by skilled artisans.