Fishing for Sustainability @Jerónimo Martins

Fishing for Sustainability
@Jerónimo Martins

The impact of the Group’s sourcing activity on biodiversity and life in the oceans was the motto for the 2016 edition of Jerónimo Martins’ sustainability conference.

171116_fishing_214The final presentation of Jerónimo Martins’ annual sustainability Conference was delivered by Captain Pete Bethune

On november 17, the Jerónimo Martins Group gathered in Lisbon an audience of 200 people, from senior managers to business partners and suppliers, for one full day, to discuss the impact of the Group’s sourcing activity on biodiversity and life in the oceans. During this annual sustainability conference – “Fishing for Sustainability” – experts and experiences practitioners approached the role of the oceans and of fish in a context in which the growing global demand for fish is putting the aquatic life under pressure.

In the morning session, various panels and speakers highlighted the importance of the ocean’s ecosystem services and their economic relevance, sustainable fishing practices, the role of aquaculture in the Group’s strategy, the nutritional value of fish, as well as habits and trends of fish consumption on both Portugal and Poland. In the afternoon, the focus was on the need for sustainable management of fish sourcing and the final presentation, under the theme “Fishing for pirates”, was delivered by Captain Pete Bethune.

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