Delightful Shopping | Waste

Delightful Shopping | Waste

A careful selection of products for your everyday life made in Portugal, Poland and Colombia.



Luxury handbags by Reclusa are created to inspire. The skilful hands of the female inmates who make them leave no detail to chance and give their talent wings to fly beyond the walls that confine them. It’s a 100% Portuguese, non-profit social and very feminine brand, from concept to end product. Through a very intuitive process, designer Filipa Brito e Abreu creates handbags using top-quality leather and fabric scraps from the textile industry. The result are one-of-a-kind “made to break” accessories, as the brand’s slogan boasts.


baby wearing sustainable clothes

MYGreen Life delivers cute fashion for kids and in keeping with the slow movement. Created in 2011 and based on the 3 R’s rule – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, the Colombian brand promotes respect for the environment and encourages the communities with which it works to have a positive environmental impact. The goal is to foster active environmental awareness through responsible consumption. Organic cotton is the main raw material used for these collections, which incorporate heavy metal free dyes, packaging made from recycled carton and labels created using an aquatic plant, which, once processed, is transformed into paper.


Maruna bags

“Things change their form but the emotions that lie in them can still last” is the motto of Gosia Grodzka – the founder of the Maruna brand – who sews from natural fabrics previously used, giving them a second life. Gosia is a master of recycling – something fit to go into the trash can is, for her, a valuable resource to create something beautiful. Using unnecessary clothing made of quality fabrics, she sews new unique handbags, shopping bags or clothes from old curtains, in the spirit of the “zero waste”concept. The shopping bags are openwork and transparent, so you can see what is inside while weighing products in the store. Strong, beautiful and comfortable bags are useful not only for shopping, but also for storing various items or washing underwear.


Simple As That products

Simple As That is a line of naturally simple, vegan cleaning products, designed for safe and eco-friendly home care. The products are made exclusively from naturally sourced ingredients of proven efficacy, with no more than five ingredients, all 100% biodegradable. Brand founder, Emilia Obrzut, supports the idea of “zero waste”, so, for packing, she uses reusable labels and glass jars, which can be later reused at home or returned, receiving a discount on subsequent purchases. The line of detergents includes products occasionally manufactured in small runs, and best-selling natural deodorants.


hand grabing Plastic free straws

Made using stainless steel, these straws are the smart choice to stop the negative impact that single-use plastic has on the environment. After all, the plastic straw you use for an average of four minutes, will take nearly 400 years to decompose. Produced and packaged in Portugal, FairStraw is the first brand to be marketed by Pegada Verde, a Portuguese company founded in 2009 by two budding entrepreneurs, Sofia and Sérgio, whose main goal is to offer products that encourage a healthier lifestyle. Sustainability and design are key in an increasingly eco-friendly, entertaining and innovative world.


MONSTROS' furniture on transparent background

The concept behind the Portuguese company Monstros is to restore memories and create something completely new and original using old furniture, thereby reducing consumption by making eco-friendly choices. Whether through recycling, where furniture is refurbished, or restoration, where the pieces are recreated, each of the items are treated by hand and the result is a piece of furniture with a new look, new name and a new story.


Fento sunglasses

The first Fento® accessory was designed in 2012, eight months after tests conducted in the Colombian brand’s founder and creative director’s garage. Camilo Vasco’s goal was simple: to create his own process to transform natural renewable and biodegradable raw materials into one-of-a-kind artisanal items. Today, the company sells handmade accessories and glasses using materials with a positive environmental impact. Fento® Eyewear offers exclusive artisanal frames, made from top-quality exotic wood, such as rosewood, white ash, wenge, walnut, maple and beech, harvested from reforested areas all over the world, and from the most beautiful natural stone. The innovative design inspires a bond with nature and is the result of the hours the artisans dedicate to crafting each item.