Sustainable Retail Summit 2018

Sustainable Retail Summit 2018

Bordalo II was invited by the Consumer Goods Forum to create a piece at this event. An owl was the animal chosen by the Portuguese street-artist to draw attention to the scale of the plastic problem.

The Portuguese artist created an owl for the Sustainable Retail Summit (SRS) 2018, which took place in Lisbon between 24 and 26 October, because, in his view, “animals are our direct way of depicting Nature, as they have expressions, movement, feelings, and they act in ways which can touch us. This is why they make the best subjects to paint and model when we want to approach environmental issues”.

Encouraging people to think outside the box about waste, and drawing attention to the scale of the plastic problem were the main reasons why the promoter – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) – invited Bordalo II to exhibit one of his pieces at the SRS, Marjolein Raes explained. According to the Pillar Events Director at CGF, the feedback they received about the artist’s proposal was very positive: “We heard from delegates that they found it surprising to be able to look at trash and see beauty. ’Unique’ and ’inspiring’ were two words that we heard a lot! It also made them reflect on their own waste.”

An owl encouraged to think outside the box about waste.

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