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Poetry Minimal Anthology book on white background

Poetry Minimal Anthology

A (re)discovery of Fernando Pessoa’s most admired poems, such as “Opiarium” and “The Tobacco Shop”.

It is a book that takes the reader to discover some of Fernando Pessoa’s main alter egos. Like the master Alberto Caeiro (one of Pessoa’s heteronyms) describes, it’s an invitation to “unlearn Pessoa” and start reading the poet as if we had just met him for the first time. Edited by Jerónimo Pizarro, the Colombian that fell in love with the Portuguese poet’s verses, the book proposes the discovery of poems like “Opiarium” or “The Tobacco Shop”, which starts with the disappointed Álvaro de Campos: “I’m nothing./ I’ll always be nothing./ I can’t wait to be something./ But I have in me all the dreams in the world.”