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The New Odyssey

The story of europe’s refugee Crisis

The recently released “The New Odyssey” (2016), Patrick Kingsley’s account of the new wave of migration and the refugee crisis that are currently occurring in Europe, has already been optioned to become a major television drama. “The Guardian” Migration Correspondent travelled to almost 20 countries following the migrant trail and recounts the stories of hundreds of refugees and their journeys, focusing on who they are, why they keep coming and how they do it. Furthermore, Kingsley documents the people who help these refugees (from smugglers to volunteers) and those who either keep them out or look the other way.

Patrick Kingsley is the first Migration Correspondent at “The Guardian”. He has consistently won awards for his journalistic excellence (2013 Frontline Club Award for print journalism, Young Journalist of the Year at the 2014 British Press Awards, New Journalist of the Year at the 2013 British Journalism Awards, and New Voice Award at the 2014 One World Media Awards). Kingsley has reported from upwards of 25 countries, including Egypt and Denmark, the latter having been the inspiration for his travel book “How to be Danish” (2012).