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Plastian book with white background.

Plastian the Little Fish

An illustrated children’s story about the impact of litter in our oceans.

A brother and sister embark on a sea adventure and become concerned by the amount of marine litter in the water. This is the story of “Plastian the Little Fish”, an illustrated children’s book about the impact of waste in our oceans.

In this exciting journey, Lily and Mo discover a mysterious place that their Great-Grandma had told them about. They build themselves a boat and set out across the sea, but the boat spits out hundreds of plastic pieces. Plastian, the little fish, spies the brightly coloured plastic trail and swallows masses of the tiny bits, causing him to have a terrible tummy ache. Then, the siblings have a brilliant idea…

The Waste Free Oceans foundation, which removes and transforms marine litter by mobilising fisheries, recyclers and brand owners, partnered with the author of the book, Nicole Intemann, in order to raise awareness on the issue and to educate children aged five to ten on the problem and its solutions.