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The Ocean Plastic book with white background.

The Ocean Plastic Book

How Pippa Became the Queen of the Ocean. A children’s book about ocean waste made from recycled garbage collected in marine environments.

Created with an environmentally friendly raw material made from recycled ocean plastic, “The Ocean Plastic Book” tells the story of little Pippa, a brave girl who dreams of diving deep into the sea to meet ocean animals. However, once she gets there, Pippa finds out that they can’t swim and, that to enable them to do so, she has to get rid of plastic. What makes this kid’s book about marine litter special is mostly the fact that it was made of waste. Plastics from all over the world were collected by Th e Waste Free Oceans foundation to use for the paper and the cover.

To turn plastics into paper, this non-profit organisation committed to reducing marine litter worldwide developed an innovative process: turning recycled plastics into fibres that are aligned to tear – and water – resistant material. Just like real paper. The idea behind the story was to give useless plastic in the ocean a useful purpose: changing the readers’ behaviour towards plastic use to preserve the beauty of our oceans – for ages to come.