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What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us

What will happen when an increasing number of jobs are performed by intelligent machines? In this book, leading intellectual and entrepreneur Tim O’Reilly explores the potential upsides and downsides of what he calls “the`next economy”.

In tomorrow’s economy, technology may eliminate labour and make things cheaper, but at its best, companies can use it to do unimaginable things in order to build a better future, and not just a more efficient one.

Over the past four decades, Tim O’Reilly’s genius has been to identify and explain the impact of emerging technologies with world-shaking potential – from the World Wide Web to Big Data. In “WTF?”, he shares his approach to a number of challenging issues we all will have to face as citizens, employees, business leaders, and nations. O’Reilly provides us tools for understanding how all the parts of modern digital businesses work together to create customer value. Robots are said to be going to take our jobs. O’Reilly replies: “Only if that’s what we ask them to do!” Therefore, “It’s up to us” to decide if WTF? will be an expression of amazement or one of dismay in the near future.