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Pingo Doce, the Group’s leading supermarket chain in Portugal, adopts the principles of the Mediterranean Diet as a differentiating feature for developing its Private Brand products and the meals from the Meal Solutions business unit. “Sabe Bem” (Tastes Good), a bi-monthly magazine, with an average print-run of 160 thousand copies, aimed at Pingo Doce customers, provides recipes and articles on this kind of diet.

The in-store leaflets for publicising the Pingo Doce brand launches communicated the Group’s Nutritional Policy, the brand’s values and the existing offer. Although the Pura Vida products are mentioned in all of them, a specific “0% Lactose Pura Vida” leaflet was created to provide information on new products for those with that sugar intolerance. These leaflets had an average print-run of more than 350 thousand copies. Every month, Pingo Doce provides a list of gluten-free and milk and lactose-free products, helping people to make an informed choice of these products.