3 minutes


Yoga instructor, with more than 50 years of experience.

1. In your opinion, what positive rejuvenating effects does yoga have on people who practise it?

Yoga helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is having a good level of physical activity and a good diet. Yoga teaches you self-fulfilment, leading to a perfect body and a stable mind. It is only with exercise that we can prevent age-related muscle loss and diseases. I will explain the four aspects of ageing which do not apply to a yogi:

  • mental ageing – when you don’t read, you don’t learn
  • biological ageing – when you are not mentally and physically fit
  • social ageing – when you need a carer
  • economic ageing – when your source of income is from resources rather than an income-generating activity.

2. What arguments would you use to convince a sceptic to recognise the benefits of practising yoga?

The first argument is the fact that I am 80 and my mental fitness and my biological age are half that figure. The second is the statistical data from studies carried out on groups practising yoga:

  • it is a very peaceful lifestyle, there is no competition here
  • yoga develops your focus and counteracts the effects of stress
  • it’s a perfect method of preventing mental and physical diseases

When the musculoskeletal system is stimulated by work, it does not degenerate. There is a strong feedback mechanism between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, hence the conclusion that the body and mind are forever young.

3. When did you start noticing the effects of yoga after starting to practise it? Are these short, medium or long-term effects?

I have been practising yoga for 50 years. Thanks to yoga, I have improved my diet and I regularly practise asanas (yoga poses). This has given me the comfort in life and state of health that have meant that for several decades I have not needed medical assistance.

4. More and more Polish people practise yoga. What in your opinion do they look for in this activity?

Polish people turn to yoga to:

  • escape from everyday duties
  • find a way to take care of themselves, get a good, slim figure and take care of their health
  • meet other like-minded people
  • they also look for an activity suited to the abilities of each individual, regardless of his or her current level of fitness, and one that they will be able to practise until the end of their lives.