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Jerónimo Martins’ chain of Health & Beauty stores is now ten years old. Hebe was born in May 2011 to offer Polish women high-quality cosmetics and skincare products at very competitive prices. Ten years later, the Company still excels in providing a pleasant shopping environment, expert advice and an assortment of the best products. And it is leading the way in consumer migration to the digital world. Today, Hebe has over 280 drugstores spread across Poland. Private Brand and Exclusive Brand products represent almost 20% of its sales. Here are some milestones in the history of these ten years.

MAY 2011

Opening of the first Hebe store in Warsaw, in the presence of Pedro Soares dos Santos, Chairman and CEO of Jerónimo Martins.

Pedro Soares dos Santos in Hebe's openning

MAY 2012

Launch of the loyalty programme to boost customer engagement. Loyalty card customers now make up over 60% of sales. The brand publishes its first bimonthly magazine.

Pink hebe's card


Launch of Hebe Professional, which offers high-quality products and is Hebe’s number one brand.

Bamboo brushes set


Opening of the first Hebe flagship store in Wroclaw, making the brand a top-of-mind choice for health and beauty products.

Hebe shop

JULY 2019

Start of Hebe’s e-commerce operation.

Computer showing hebe's website

JULY 2020

Divestment of the pharma business to focus exclusively on drugstores as the channel and format with the highest potential for development.


Hebe’s products were made available to consumers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Portugal through the e-commerce platform.

World map


Hebe is the Greek goddess of youth or the prime of life. She is the daughter of Zeus and his wife, Hera (from Greek hēbē, “young maturity,” or “bloom of youth”).

photography of Hebe products, including pears and nail polish