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In September 2023, Pingo Doce achieved a ground-breaking milestone by completing the elimination of all flavour enhancers and artificial colourings from its Private Brand products, making it the first Portuguese food retailer to undertake this commitment across its entire product range. This comprehensive reformulation effort began in 2007 and resulted in 1,354 food products being free of additives by 2023. One notable example is the Pingo Doce Blue Ice Cream – tastes like marshmallow and features a vibrant blue colour from natural spirulina.  

This achievement reflects Pingo Doce’s strong commitment to health through nutrition, without compromising taste. The Private Brand Quality and Development team works daily “to achieve the best recipe, both in terms of nutritional profile and in the selection of ingredients and additives.” It emphasises that although all used additives are authorised, the goal is “to eliminate the unnecessary and excludes all additives that are being reassessed or could pose a health threat if consumed daily and in larger quantities and/or by more susceptible groups.” 

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