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The Jerónimo Martins Group has created from scratch a ready-to-eat soup factory, in Parzniew, in the outskirts of Warsaw, to “feed” the Biedronka chain of stores in Poland. The concept involves using the freshest vegetables, supplied by local producers who already work on a daily basis with the Biedronka chain.

An innovative solution is used to produce these soups, which involves a quick-freezing process that enables the products to have a longer life without the usual use of preservatives. These “Soups from Our Kitchen” come in three flavours: cream of tomato with beef tomatoes, cream of broccoli and cream of cauliflower, and they may be eaten by vegetarians and vegans, as no ingredients of animal origin are used. This factory enabled 40 new jobs.

A cream soup (450 gr.) costs regulary 3.99 zlotys (around 0.90 euros). The first batch was marketed in Warsawbased Biedronka stores. The number of stores offering the soups will gradually expand.