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Inaugurated in the Warsaw district of Białołęka on November 25, the newest Biedronka store was designed so as to limit its environmental impact as much as possible, being considered the most modern and ecological store of the chain. The brand-new customer experience starts even before entering the building: car parking offers an electric car charging point and a bike sharing station. In fact, it is the first public bike-sharing system facility located directly in front of a Biedronka store in Warsaw. It also features a self-sufficient lighting system powered exclusively by both solar and wind energy, depending on the weather conditions.

María Ángela Holguín, Member of the Board of Directors, and Pedro Soares dos Santos, Chairman and CEO of the Jerónimo Martins Group in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the newest Biedronka store in Warsaw.

The 700 square-metre facility has a modern cooling and air conditioning system that only uses natural gases, with less impact on the environment. The 160 photovoltaic panels installed in the roof will allow for annual savings of up to 20 % in electricity consumption, and the built-in refrigerators and freezers monitor their own temperatures autonomously to avoid energy waste.

In-store technological solutions include the use of digital displays for marketing and communication purposes throughout the store, instead of printed advertising leaflets. Free Wi-Fi for customers and self-service checkout with state of-the art software are also present.


The newest Biedronka store in Warsaw is the most modern and eco-friendly store of the chain.

illustration of electric car charging station

Electric vehicle charging station

illustration of eolic

100% Solar and wind-powered lighting

illustration of solar panel

160 photovoltaic panels


The freshness of the fruits and vegetables sold in Biedronka is a top priority for the Company and the newest store in Białołęka represented a strategic move towards shifting from a regular store to a specialist in fresh produce.

Because growing, harvesting and transportation can have a huge impact on the quality and freshness of the products, Biedronka has been working for many years with trusted suppliers in long-lasting partnerships to better monitor the entire production process of perishables, “from field to fork”. Annually, around 90% of all Biedronka’s food purchases are sourced from Polish suppliers.

tomatoes in Biedronka


When entering the store, customers are greeted by the scent of freshly ground coffee that comes from “Kawa I Ciacho” (“Coffee and Cake”), a coffee corner with a separate self-service station and a large selection of snacks. This is the first place of its kind available in the Biedronka network, which is very close to reaching the 3,000 stores in the Polish market.

The coffee corner is thought to directly target Biedronka costumers who do not have time for big shopping and do not want to stand in a queue to buy a good quality coffee or a quick lunch on the way to work or during it. Customers can pay directly for the products in the Kawa I Ciacho corner.

coffee corner with a separate self-service station and a large selection of snacks.